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So, You Are Adopted

This book is part of a series of books aimed at younger children helping them to understand and come to terms with a whole range of issues through the character Harry, an adopted child moving into an adopting family.

The stories are not only aimed at adopted children, but also other children in the family who might be getting a new adopted brother or sister for example. The stories cover a whole range of issues helping the child to understand situations, professionals, how it all works and of course their own feelings.

All books have been written to address some quite difficult issues through the character Harry, helping a child to understand and to come to terms with their own difficulties.

These books are designed to be appealing to the child reading them alone, but also are books that may be read to the child.

This series of books has been helpful to a great many children and parents and we hope they will be helpful to you too.

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So, You Are Adopted
So, You Are Ad...
A book for adoptiv...
By New Leaf Adoption
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The Essential Adoption Guide

This booklet has been written by us to give you an understanding of adoption, the assessment process and how you may be 'matched' with the right child for you. In this booklet, you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions about adoption.

We will also look at the difficulties in the adoption process and the problems you might face. In reading this booklet, you will be given information on how adoptions break down, why they do so and what you can do to prevent it happening. Although this sounds ominous, by showing you what can go wrong, we can equip you with the tools to help everything go right.

This guide is based on the experience of many adopters and assessing social workers. In this booklet, you will find real life case studies, simple guidance, practical tips and other useful information. We have included a glossary of useful terms to help you cut through the ‘social worker-speak’ to find out how the adoption process will work for you.

In reading this booklet, you will hear from social workers, adopted people and others to gain an understanding of:

The Essential Guide to the Children's Court System

We have produced an easy to reference pocket sized booklet to help ‘everyday’ people understand and work with the court system.

This booklet has been written to give the everyday person a good basic understanding of how the court system works. It covers what everyone does and what the 'legal speak' actually means. This booklet provides the key guidance and information that should allow you to better understand proceedings and work with professionals to get the best outcome for the child concerned. The booklet encourages the reader to act in a way that will be in the best interests of children

This book has been written by an experienced children's guardian. He has collaborated with a number of everyday people who, just like you, have themselves had to deal with the court system for a variety of reasons. Many of the questions included in this booklet are based on their personal experiences.