Beacon Hill Training

“Where knowledge meets experience”


"Excellent course, really well presented, clear and helpful"

"I attended the adoption assessor training, the trainer covered everything showing us exactly what was needed in an assessment and showed us how to actually do it, brilliant."

"I thought they were brilliant, the trainer really put me at my ease, explained everything simply and helped me understand, he encouraged us to ask questions and made it fun. I normally hate training but I really enjoyed this course, and learned a lot."

"I haven't even been to court before and was really worried about taking on this work.  The trainer was brilliant; he broke down all the information and made it easy to understand.  I ended up really enjoying the training and have been able to put it to use as a McKenzie friend working with vulnerable women."



"Great training at a reasonable price, it was exactly what we needed and has helped out workers a lot."

"He used lots of activities and ways to help get the information across clearly.  He knew exactly what he was talking about, fantastic."

"I already work in the Social Work field and needed a refresher in certain areas.  The trainer put together a day's training for me, he was very knowledgeable and the training was everything I wanted."

"Flexible, professional and knowledgeable, just really great training!"

"You know when the training's good when you hear your staff enjoying themselves, feedback was brilliant and workers felt the information was really helpful.  The trainer really knew his stuff and I found we all learned a lot.  I will defiantly be using them again'.