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We are building a wide range of online e-learning resources to enable those who work with children to study at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes!

We're pleased to launch our first 5 online courses - find out more about each course below, then follow the links to subscribe online and access the content:

McKenzie Friends

The purpose of this training is essentially to give you the basic key information you will require to act as a McKenzie friend.

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Court Skills

The aim of this course is give you the knowledge, skills and understanding to represent and to justify your work effectively as an expert witness.  This course will also give you the skills, tips and advice to give evidence in court effectively.

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Hidden Disabilities

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of hidden disabilities with those who come into contact with children and young people, to help professionals identify sufferers, and to give them the knowledge and skill set they need to work with them effectively.

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Writing Court Assessments

Learn how to write compelling court assessments.

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Fabricated Illness

The aim of this course is to improve participants’ understanding and knowledge of what constitutes fabricated illness, explore the reasons behind why fabricated illness occurs and to look at the indicators that a professional may come across.

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Child Protection

The purpose of this training is to look more closely at what we know about abuse as well as how we, as individuals and as a part of our organisation, can improve the way we protect children.

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