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Viability Assessments

We can normally produce a viability assessment in around 10 working days from receipt of the letter of instruction.  As with all our reports, it is child-focused and will give clear recommendations to the court.


A viability assessment is a concise assessment that looks at the potential of a family member to care for a child.  All the available information on the applicant will be considered, as will any information available from the Local Authority, the police or any other safeguarding organisation.  This may (or may not) lead on to further assessment being conducted on the family member such as a parenting assessment or a special guardianship assessment.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a viability assessment will depend on the complexity of the individual case and the geographical location of the client.  Please contact us for a full quotation.  As a guide, the hourly work rate is £30 and £25 for travelling time.