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Abuse and the Professional Carer

This like all our training packages is written in house by professionals with direct experience in this field. We consider this training as vital for all those caring for or involved in the care of others.

Clients in this more than any other area are reliant upon those providing care to them. Often abusive practices build up slowly over time without either the carer or the client understanding what is occurring. Sometimes organisations slowly develop cultures where poor practice is simply the norm, making it difficult to either see the abuse occurring or to report abuse when staff become aware of it.

It is the organisation's responsibility to do everything possible to attempt to prevent abuse occurring and to encourage people within the organisation to report it when it occurs. Part of this is to provide the in depth training needed to allow staff to understand abuse, how it occurs and when and how to take action. Our training is specifically designed to meet these needs.

In this training participants will look at the forms and cycles of abuse in the context of care work, the signs and symptoms of abuse and how and why abuse occurs by those who are supposed to be caring for the vulnerable. Participants will be challenged to examine their own practice, attitudes and perceptions as well as those of others. Participants will also be given the information they will need to protect the client should they suspect abuse is occurring.

This training like all our packages, is based on the practical and direct experience of our trainers who have worked in this field. Training is dynamic and involves participants in discussion and learning allowing them to participate fully in the training through a range of learning methods including case studies, strategies, experience, discussion, theory, reflection and analysis. Our experienced trainers will be able to discuss situations and scenarios giving practical advice tips and guidance to your staff.

Learning outcomes:


Trainees will be provided with a comprehensive workbook containing information on all the areas of the training course.

If you need particular issues or additional material included in our training we can adapt our package to meet your organisation’s particular needs. We will be happy to discuss this further;  please see the contact details tab.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a training session in your own venue starts at £750 for 10 trainees depending on your geographical location.  Individual sessions are available from £190.  Please contact us for a full quotation.