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Adoption Training

An indispensable toolkit for potential adoptive parents

This dynamic training gives potential adopters the information they need to fully understand how all aspects of the adoption process works. This includes how to avoid the pitfalls which lead to bad assessments or even the breakdown of adoptive placements. This course is not the training you will receive from your adoption agency but is intended to compliment it.

Your trainer is not only a hugely experienced and knowledgeable Social Worker with extensive experience in child protection, family law and adoption but is also an adopted person who has themselves traced their birth family.



We aim to improve the quality of adoption assessments, how a child will be matched to you and the eventual outcomes for the child. It is our view that the key to this is knowledge.

We seek to give participants an in-depth understanding of the key issues in adoption, the assessment process, matching and the placement of a child. We provide applicants with a 'toolkit' of information, guidance and experience that they will be able to use throughout the assessment process and into the future placement with a child.

We aim to answer many common questions that people are often afraid to ask:

Some of the areas covered in this training:

Group learning

This training is typically run in a small group basis. There are many benefits to this method of training. Participants are encouraged to work together on exercises and tasks. They share experiences, issues, fears, concerns and knowledge. Some go on to form ongoing lines of support that they can use throughout the assessment period and beyond. Within training sessions you will be given ample opportunity to discuss your own circumstances and concerns with the trainer who will be able to offer advice and guidance to you.

How much will it cost?

Please contact us for details of group sessions running in your local area.  These start at £75 per person for a full day's training dependant on the venue.