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Child Protection

This course is essential for anyone who comes into contact with children, young people or their families. This course is unique and developed in house.

Our child protection course includes everything your team needs to know about safeguarding and child protection, ranging from the signs and symptoms of abuse to what a must professional must do. This toolkit of knowledge can then be applied in the workplace.

Included in the course are all the relevant pieces of current legislation as well as the procedures that the Local Authority will be following and the role of any professional in an investigation. By the end of this course your staff will have confidence in this area and a firm grip of what is expected of them and the role they will be asked to play in an investigation.

Who needs to attend this course?

To cover all of the information, we suggest that this course is held over a full day.  However, we can accommodate your needs and tailor the length of training to your requirements.

We can also deliver the training to any level from front line staff to management and designated child protection officers, giving each group the information they need to know to successfully safeguard in their organisation. We can train at your place of work or alternately arrange the venue and everything else for you.  Group sizes are flexible; we can train small or large groups.

As with any of our courses we will not ask you to complete a number of repetitive levels of training to access ‘more complex’ information as some other training companies do! It is our firm belief that information should be most available to those who need it!

Our professional trainers are experts in this field and are currently practicing at a high level in child protection and safeguarding and can give you the first hand practical invaluable knowledge and examples for practice you need.  After all, who better to teach this than the people who are actually doing it – or managing those who are.

Learning Objectives

How much will it cost?

The cost of a training session in your own venue starts at £750 for 10 trainees depending on your geographical location.  Individual sessions are available from £190.  Please contact us for a full quotation.