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Conflict Resolution in the work place

An essential course for every organisation giving you the skills confidence, knowledge and structures to de-escalate and resolve conflict preserving and rebuilding working relationships.

For all staff and managers who want to:

Our trainers bring first hand experience and expertise to the training, offering a powerful mix of actual case studies, skills, techniques, strategies, experience, discussion, theory, reflection and analysis.

Conflict in the work place can result in animosity, negativity, factionalisation of the work force, complaints, absence, sickness, loss of focus and the reduction in capacity of the workers involved and the team as a whole!

Successful long-term resolution of conflict will only be achieved by staff and supervisors learning how to deal with conflict effectively and quickly, avoiding grievance procedures and encouraging problem solving.  Leaning how to manage conflict is worthwhile for any organisation and a positive investment in the people working for you. This is not something any organisation should take lightly!

This course is specifically designed by experienced professionals that have the practical knowledge of dealing with conflict in the work place. Our trainers will be able to impart their knowledge and experience giving useful advice, tips and methods gained by years of experience to help you successfully manage and deal with conflict when it occurs.

We will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to root out underlying issues and resolve conflict giving you choices in how best to deal with the situation.

Not only does it raise workers awareness of how and why conflict occurs but looks at communication culture attitudes and personality

In attending this course you will be able to:


Trainers will be provided with a comprehensive workbook containing:

If you want training delivered within your organisation, we can arrange a tailored in-house course to suit your exact requirements.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a training session in your own venue starts at £750 for 10 trainees depending on your geographical location.  Individual sessions are available from £190.  Please contact us for a full quotation.