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McKenzie friend Training

The trainer on this course is a hugely experienced professional who undertakes this role on a regular basis.

This training will enable you to act as a McKenzie friend and guide and support your client through the court process.

Essentially this training is designed to give you all the practical information you need around court orders, procedures, professionals and the paperwork involved as well as how the court functions.   You will also be given information on court skills and dealing effectively with cross examination and working with legal professionals.

Following this course you will be able to:

Essentially this training package gives you the key information you will need to act as a McKenzie friend.  We will give you the practical knowledge and skills you will need to fulfil this role as well as tips, guidance and information from a practitioner who undertakes this role regularly. 

Information and case studies / scenarios are based on real cases.

If you or your staff wish to become a McKenzie friend you need to attend this unique course.