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PAR Assessor Training Course 

A training course for new or experienced Social Workers assessing prospective adoptive parents

Our adoption training is written specifically for Social Workers completing PAR assessments.  Our training provides a comprehensive guide to the new social worker in completing an assessment. It will act as a refresher for the more experienced worker wishing to improve the quality of their assessments.  

This training course was written to address the varying quality in assessments completed throughout the country.  Poor quality assessments often lead to poor matching and negative outcomes for already vulnerable children.  Currently around 30% of placements end in disruption.  We aim to avoid this negative and damaging outcome.

Our training includes:

The course includes practical tips, guidance and information to the assessing Social Worker.

The aim of this training is to provide assessors with a full understanding of the purpose of each section of the assessment and information on how best to complete it.  Trainees are given a practical 'toolkit' of information that will help them make an effective and thorough assessment that in turn leads to a successful outcome for the children placed.

Learning Outcomes

This invaluable training will increase the skill level of workers in your organisation and produce better assessments and outcomes for children. 

We work with colleagues from the public and private sectors.  This training is ideal for a range of individuals including:

How much will it cost?

The cost of a training session in your own venue starts at £750 for 10 trainees depending on your geographical location.  Individual sessions are available from £190.  Please contact us for a full quotation.